A healthy skinside Day Spa

thumbtack-badgeThe most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a “healthy skin”. That is why it is up to you to get regular facials. Facials are designed to maintain and improve your skin’s health.

Everyone is searching for younger looking skin that glows and looks healthy. You can expect premier skincare services with expert advice and sensible solutions to your skin’s priority needs.

We provide a comprehensive selection of advanced skin treatments in a private and luxurious environment.

You will receive a complete skin care analysis from a trained Dermalogica skincare expert, renowned for assessing and responding to your skin care needs on an immediate and lasting basis.

We have your skin’s interest at heart. That is why all our products are designed to help your skin reach its optimum health, while enhancing its natural beauty. We will continue to offer you products and services that are not only effective, but also very safe. Our products are not tested on animals.

We are currently offering the newest in chemical peel technology,  a procedure that can resurface damaged outer layers of the skin to reduce age and sun spots, wrinkles and  other forms of skin imperfections.

We are also very pleased to offer you the latest technological advance in non-surgical, non-chemical face lifting that was developed by A Beautiful Image .  This process uses extremely small electrical currents (micro-currents) with special patented waveforms designed to reestablish the elasticity and tonus of the face tissues. It was originally formulated at NASA to firm-up the muscles of their astronauts returning to Earth.

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